The Canadian Federation of University Women – London Club values all members equally and does not have different membership classes.  Membership is open to any woman who:

1.  is a graduate of any recognized university or college; or

2. has earned a professional designation or qualification that currently requires a degree, diploma or equivalent qualification; or

3.  supports the objectives and purposes of the Canadian Federation of University Women of Canada, whether or not she is a graduate.


The annual membership fees are $90.00.  The fees go to cover our own operating expenses and also to support the Canadian Federation of University Women and the International Federation of University Women, which lobby for women's rights and the human condition here in Canada and abroad, as well as the CFUW Ontario Council, which coordinates and resources the fifty plus Ontario CFUW Clubs

Current members are asked to pay their fees by October 15 each year. New members joining after November 11th should check with the treasurer or president for information on their fees.

Cheques should be made payable to "CFUW-London Club".  They can be given to our treasurer at a meeting or they can be mailed to:

     C.F.U.W. – London Club
     P.O. Box 24084
     London, Ontario N6H 5C4

Payment of fees is required to participate in Study and Interest Groups, to act as a committee member, and to be listed in the Club Directory.


1. May I come to a meeting and see if CFUW-London Club is for me?

 We'd love to meet you. E-mail contactus@cfuwlondon.ca to find out the date and location of our next meeting.

2. Do I have to join in September, at the beginning of the season?

Join any time. Join as soon as you know that you want this group to be part of your life!

3. How do I start?

Come to a meeting, and get to know us, or e-mail us for more information at: contactus@cfuwlondon.ca

 Become a member of CFUW London-Club and join one of Canada's leading women's organizations!

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